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3. november 2008 / The Devils go down to the Buffalo Sabres

The Devils went up against the Buffalo Sabres with a decidedly weakened team due to health problems among a number of key players including M. Brodeur, R. Hol?­k, P. Martin, B. Rolston and A.Greena. The match didn’t go the Devils’ way, which was reflected by the score, 2-0 Buffalo. “Today’s match looked as though four different teams were playing. In the first half the Sabres clearly dominated, they easily outplayed us, they showed skill and speed and we weren’t able to create a chance. It was only thanks to the great performance by K. Weekes that we were trailing by just one goal. In the second half we were able to take the initiative and we created several chances for goals, but at the key moment we didn’t keep a cool head, we were too rash and we couldn’t get past the Sabres’ goalkeeper,” stated Patrik Elias.

31. december 2014New Jersey Devils vs. Detroit Red Wings 1:3.

30. december 2014New Jersey Devils vs. Pittsburgh Penguins 3:1.

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