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What's your favorite type of music? Do you have a favorite band? (Dave)

I like rock and my favourite bands are Coldplay and U2.

How many languages can you speak and which did you find to be the hardest to learn? (Kati)

I speak Czech,English and learning Italian. The most difficult language to learn (in my opinion) is Finnish and Hungarian:-)

Where did you go for summer holiday this year? (Tomas)

Provence in Southern France.

Is playing your entire career with one franchise something that you take pride in? (Jillian)

Yes, I am very proud of it.

Before you got drafted, what team did you want to play for? (Chris)

I wished to play for any NHL team.

Who is the hardest goalie in your opinion that it was for you to score against? (Tyler)

Dominik Hasek, I have never scored against him.

Do you live in New Jersey in the off-season? (Michael)

No, I usually spend summer in Prague.

Where did you meet your wife, Petra? Do you want to have children and if so, how many? (Trish)

I met Petra five years ago in Prague. Yes, we would like to have two kids (at least).

What is the best line you ever played on with New Jersey? (Andrew)

Line that was called by fans "EASy" - Elias, Arnott, Sykora.

What is your favorite hockey team and who is your favorite player? (Mattias)

My favorite team is the NJ Devils:-) and the best hockey player is Jevgenij Malkin.

o you play any video games and if so what are your favorites? (Kevin)

I do not play very often but when I do I enjoy Guitar Hero.

How do you like New Jersey and do you ever visit the beach? (Mike)

- I like living and playing here a lot. It has become my second home and I have a lot of great friends here, I have only been to the beach once here but I enjoyed it.

What does it feel like to be on a team with the most winingest goalie of all time? (Adam)

It’s great to play with and practice against the best goalie and knowing that we have a chance to win every night with him in the net.

What does it feel like to have a record for most points scored by any Devil. (Adam)

It’s a great honor. It gives me self satisfaction that I am doing my job right. I obviously would not have been able to do it without the help of all of my teammates over the years.

What is your favorite soccer team and player? (Almir)

FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi.

When you travel to different arenas for games, like Boston, do you walk around the city or stay in the hotel? (Michele)

We usually stay in the hotel.

Will you miss Bobby Holik this next hockey season and why? (Marley)

Yes, I will miss Bobby very much. He was one of the best players I played with and he has been also my very good friend.

What is your favourite movie? (Vojta)


What is your favorite thing to do in New Jersey? (Kellyann)

When I have time off I like to play golf with my friends.

Can you walk into a sports store and not have somebody notice you? (Charles)

Sure I can. It’s more the other way around. I don't get bothered too much at all and if I do, everybody is very nice.

What is your favorite restaurant in New Jersey? (Kiran)

That would be this great Italian place called Divina and also a place called Cianci.

What is most important to exercise to be a good hockey player? (Elias)

You have to work on your whole body strength and coordination and balance. The core is very important and leg strength.

What is your favorite hockey brand? (Duke)

It depends on the equipment. I like Bauer skates, Warrior and Easton.

Who was the best captain for the Devils besides you? (Chris)

Thank you for the compliment. Scotty Stevens.

How often and how long do you practice with Devils? (Stanley)

Between 30 minutes to an hour plus sometimes some gym exercise time depending on whether or not the practice is after a game and what point of the season we are in.

Who were your best/worst road roommates, if any? (Sarah)

Bobby Holik would cover both. He was the best because of the advice he gave me and the worst because he kept the room very, very cool.

What is your favorite rink to play in besides the Prudential center, and why? (Troy)

Toronto and Montreal because the fans make it a great building to play in.

When your contract was up with the Devils a few years ago did you want to re-sign with devils right away or did you want to listen to some offers from other teams? (Troy)

It was my first experience with free agency and I wanted to see what it was all about and keep all options open, but in the end, I made a decision based on loyalty and past experience to stay in NJ.

You play in the biggest sports town (well across the river) in the world....do you follow any of the other local professional teams? If so who do you root for? (Jay)

As you might know, I am a soccer fan which is not that popular in America. I do like to watch football, but I don’t have a favorite team.

Which teams do you like to play against and which teams do you not? (Vojta)

I like playing against the Rangers and Philadelphia and I don’t like playing Buffalo.

What is your favorite song by U2? (Tyler )

Beatiful Day

How old were you when you got your first pair of skates? (Jessica)

I was around four years old, but those were double blades and I was six when I got real ones.

Do you use a new stick every game like some players? Or do you prefer to use the same one until it is broken? If you ever stop using a non-broken stick, what do you do with them? (Brian)

I use sticks for a while either until they broke or get week. Used sticks stay at the Devils warehouse.

Will you go to the World Championship 2009 if you can? (Tomas)

Yes, of course with pleasure, representing the Czech Republic would be a great honor.

Who is your toughest opponent in golf? (Theodor)

My friends Edie, Ron and Theo.

Do you get discouraged when is low attendance at some of the Devils home games? (Eugene)

Our attendance is actually pretty good and I think that our PR department is doing a good job and that it will get even better.

Scott Clemmensen has been one of the best goalies this season. What do you think about that? (Joonas)

He has proved that he can be a top NHL goalie and hope he gets a chance to play again soon.

What team would you like to play on besides the Devils? (Chris)

The Czech National Hockey team in Vancouver 2010.

What is your favorit NHL game? (Marek)

Game 7 against Philadelphia when I scored 2 goals and that got us into the finals.

Who is your All-Time favorite line mate to play with? (Bobby)

I have had the privilege to play with some great players and it is tough to name just one, so there it is - Bobby Holik,Jason Arnott and many others.

If you could bring back any traded teammate who would you pick? (Jeremy)

That is a tough one,probably Jason Arnott.He has big shot and plays physical.

You seem to have a knack for putting the puck in the net in overtime, why do you think that is? (Larrysa)

I like to be on the ice in situations where the game is on the line and everybody wants to be a hero :-)

Is any locker room excitment or expectations of Marty coming back. (Tom)

Yes but at the same time we have to stay focused on our jobs and not let it become a distraction.

What is your favorite part about playing in New Jersey? (Kelly)

Winning and always having a chance to win the Cup.

Which is the best goal you've scored in your career? (Michal)

The two goals I scored against Philadelphia in 2000 that moved us to the Stanley Cup final.

Do you get recognized on the streets in NJ or Czech Republic ? (Eugene)

Yes, more in the Czech Republic then in NJ, but everybody is very respectable.

What kind of car do you have? (Honza)

I have two safe cars :-)

What was going through your head 10 seconds after you scored your 1st NHL goal? (Bryce)

Please, give me the goal and make it count,please....because they had to review it upstairs.

What is your favourite Brodway show? (Diana)

I have seen Mama Mia a few times and also enjoyed Aida.

Who is your favorite non-Czech soccer player? (Mario)

Messi.Every time he touches a ball something great is going to happen.His vision and skills are unbelievable.

What player from a rival team do you get along with and hang out with. (Jany)

The only time I get to hang out with guys off the ice is in Summer and which I spend in Czech.I hang out with M. Havlat,R. Hamrlik and M. Erat.

What was the hardest step towards getting to the NHL? (Rian)

Leave my home town when I was 14 to play in better junior program in Czech and to move at the age of 19 to the States not speaking any English.

Who is your least favorite goalie to try and score against, and why? (Paul)

I never scored on Dominik Hasek unfortunately, and it is because I never knew what to do with his style.

What,if anything, do you eat during intermissions? (Dave)

I don't eat anything just drink Gatorade and Citomax.

Which player is the future of Czech football? (Michael)

Petr Cech and Tomas Rosicky who is hunted by injures and hope he gets healthy and back to playing.

Any story behind your #26? (Scott)

No, it is actually my fourth number in NJD.The previous three # I had to give up to the older guys with more experience.

Who inspired you to be one of the best hockey players to come out of Czech Republic.Does that person still have a influence on your hockey career? (Joseph)

My parents and brothers and obviously they have still influence on me. Also I had a few great coaches and teachers that had great influence on my career.

What is the best way to pursue hockey as a career? (Keir)

Work hard more than the others do.

Who was your NHL role model growing up? (Tyler)

I didn´t know to much about NHL until the age of 15 and my role models were my older brothers. But when I came to NHL I liked to watch Steve Yzerman.

What are the most memorable moments when you traveled with Unicef? (Alex)

Povetry in Belize, HIV positive babies and toddlers, ophanages where 3 kids have to share 1 bed...

Do you do something special or unique before a game? (Tiffany)

I do a game focusing mental excercise during the National Anthem.

When you finish playing hockey will you stay in America? (Bob)

I´d like to return home to the Czech Republic but you never know...
Kolik let hrajete hokej?

Začal jsem kdyľ mi bylo 5 let.
What did you want to be as a little boy?

A dustman.

Who led you into ice hockey?

My parents.

Did you have a hockey role model in your childhood?

My older brothers, Zdeněk and Radek.

What is your favorite place?

Those places I feel at home in, Prague and Třebíč.

Apart from hockey what's your favorite sport?

Football, golf, tennis, squash.

What music do you listen to?

U2, Coldplay

What's your favorite film?

Gladiator, Dědictví aneb...

What do you like to eat?

Everything that I like... svíchkova, fish, sushi, pasta, salads...

What's your favorite color?

Dark blue.

How do you relax?


What is your favorite animal?

My Labrador Devoą (Devosh).

What's your advice for young hockey players to get to where you are?

Work on yourself more than the others do.

What don't you like?

Flying and tomato sauce.

31. december 2014New Jersey Devils vs. Detroit Red Wings 1:3.

30. december 2014New Jersey Devils vs. Pittsburgh Penguins 3:1.

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