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How does it feel to be a father? (Joe)

I am truly blessed and proud.

Do you think there will be a lot of changes this summer? (Jason)

Tough question. It’s all up to management to figure out if we were missing something. Like I said, we had a good enough team to win.

Jacques Lemaire resigned. Were you expecting to see Jacques quit his job after only one year? (Dick)

Not at all. Jacques is good teacher and knows the game. He has been around a while and has given a lot to hockey.

The Devils had a good season in general. What happened against Philadelphia? (Jim)

We did not execute as we should have. We had one of best teams in my career with the Devils and we missed a great opportunity. Our powerplay was not good also.

Who do you bat on winning World Cup 2010? (Arthur)

I think, that Spain will win the Cup but I am rooting for Argentina.

Which is your favorite movie you have watched recently? (Jon)

The Hangover by far!!!!!!!!!!!

When you were young did you dream about being a pro soccer player or was it always hockey? (Chris)

I think I was more into hockey, but my father wanted me to play soccer which is a great complimentary sport for hockey.

Do you mind when the coach asked you to play center or right wing? (Arthur)

Not at all. I got used to playing any position and I really enjoyed playing center. It gives me more room to be creative.

Did you learn something this year as a team? As a hockey player? (Tom)

I learned that things happen for a reason!!!

When you were injured, did you attend all the games the Devils played? And how does it feel to watch your teammates play without you? (Amanda)

Just some, but not all. It’s not a good feeling to just watch, but once you are ready to train then you work out during the games so I watched all of them in the locker room.

What are your plans for the summer? (David)

I will just enjoy my time with my family, see some concerts, enjoy tennis, golf and I’m really looking forward to the soccer World Cup!!!!

Which was your best game of the last season? (Matěj)

Probably St.Patty's day. It was a great atmosphere and we won.

With whom do you share a hotel room when the team is on the road? (Miso)

I stay by myself. After 10 years and 600 games played in the league it’s mandatory.

Do you have any other hobbies other than hockey? (Brittanie)

I like to play other sports. Soccer, tennis, squash, beach volleyball etc. I also like attending concerts and musicals.

How many hours do you practice every day? (Gabriel)

We spend about 4 hours at the rink but practice is about an hour. On a game day we have a half an hour morning skate and then a game.

How often do you spend time with teammates off the ice? (Coleridge)

Not much, for the simple reason that we spend so much time together traveling and doing our jobs so we need a break from each other at times.

Which is your favorite Devils jersey - red or white? (Rob)

The green one was the coolest to wear.

Do you wish you were with the Czech National Jockey Team at the World Championship in Germany? (Matej)

Yes, I do wish I were there. After play-off elimination I felt that I was not strong enough for the Championship. I believe that in the future I will have another opportunity to represent my country which has always been a great honor to me.

Who was your favorite player growing up? (Michael)

My older brothers Zdenek and Radek, then Steve Yzerman

Due to your career you travel a lot, in your opinion what is the nicest city you've visited? (Troy)

One of the nicest city I have visited is Vancouver and the most beatiful city in the world is Prague.

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