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Unicef Since 2006 Patrik Elias has been the Czech Republic's Good Will Ambassador to UNICEF.

"One of the reasons I decided to accept an offer to become a UNICEF Good Will Ambassador was my illness that nearly prevented me from continuing in my career as a top sportsman. I really identified with the UNICEF vaccination program, which helps poor children all over the world fight against infectious disease. I am looking forward to cooperating with UNICEF and being able to help these children," stated Patrik Elias, listing the reasons that led him to work with UNICEF.

Elias and his wife Petra actively take part in a number of UNICEF projects not just in the Czech Republic but all over the world. The aim of these projects is to draw financial support for UNICEF programs in problem areas. Projects include "Hooray for Summer" or the exhibition match Elias organizes every year in the Czech Republic.

Unicef In September 2008 Elias and his wife visited the Central American state of Belize where UNICEF has a number of programs to support poor and sick children. The aim of the trip was, among other things, to see how UNICEF works on the ground and how UNICEF's financial resources are used in those places where help is necessary.
31. december 2014New Jersey Devils vs. Detroit Red Wings 1:3.

30. december 2014New Jersey Devils vs. Pittsburgh Penguins 3:1.

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