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NHL The New Jersey Devils drafted Patrik Eliáš into the NHL in 1995. He played his first match on Dec 7, 1995 against Toronto.

This is his sixteenth season with the Devils and he is one of the club's key players and leading personalities. Proof of Patrik's exceptional ice hockey and leadership skills is his nickname "Mr. Overtime" thanks to his excellent abilities to decide matches in overtime. He wore the captain's "C" in the 2006/2007 season.

Eliáš has won the most prestigious ice hockey trophy - the Stanley Cup - twice, in 1999/2000 and 2002/2003


2011/12New Jersey Devils (NHL) 81265278


1995/96New Jersey Devils (NHL)1000----
Albany River Rats (AHL)742736634112
1996/97New Jersey Devils172358235
Albany River Rats572443676123
1997/98Albany River Rats3303----
New Jersey Devils741819374011
1998/99New Jersey Devils741733507055
1999/00New Jersey Devils723537722371320
2000/01New Jersey Devils824056962591423
2001/02New Jersey Devils752932616246
2002/03New Jersey Devils81282957245813
2003/04New Jersey Devils823843815325
2004/05NHL Lockout
2005/06New Jersey Devils38162945961016
2006/07New Jersey Devils75214869101910
2007/08New Jersey Devils742035555426
2008/09New Jersey Devils773147787123
2009/10New Jersey Devils58192948
2010/11New Jersey Devils812141625044
Total961335481816 1384077117

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31. december 2014New Jersey Devils vs. Detroit Red Wings 1:3.

30. december 2014New Jersey Devils vs. Pittsburgh Penguins 3:1.

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