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Patrik Elias took some time out from training for the 2009-2010 season to answer a few questions about being named the best hockey player in the Czech Republic this past week.

Q: What does it mean to you to be recognized by your country in this way?

Patrik Elias: It is a great honor and I really enjoy being in the company of so many Czech hockey legends. Receiving this award means you were brought up the right way and I would like to thank my teammates in New Jersey and also the Czech national team for helping me to get where I am today.

Q: What was your reaction when you found out you won?

Patrik Elias: I was hoping it would happen but I was pleasantly surprised.

Q: How was the award ceremony?

Patrik Elias: I enjoyed every moment of it even though I was nervous.

Q: Do you enjoy being a role model for young hockey players in the Czech Republic?

Patrik Elias: I think hockey has given me a great life and it is important to appreciate how you got there. I was shown the way from leaders like Scotty Stevens and it's humbling to be looked upon by young players.

Q: Were some of your friends and family able to come to the ceremony?

Patrik Elias: Yes, my wife who plays a big part in my life on and off the ice was in attendance along with my friend Pavlina and her son Matej. I also can't forget to mention my whole family who were cheering for me while watching it on TV. (Dan Altano)

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