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24. december 2008 / White Christmas in West Orange

New Jersey is covered in a glimmering coat of snow. In a lovely house in West Orange, were Patrik Elias lives with his wife Petra shines a beautiful Christmas tree. The lab Devonte naps around the fireplace, everywhere is the sound of carols and the smell of Christmas cookies. Wonderful Christmas coziness! Patrik and his Devils have a full game schedule even in this beautiful pre-Holiday time. They play almost every other day. Sometimes, they have to go on a trip to the opponent's team. Patrik upholds the strick pre-game regime; a healthy food, practices and games are changed with plenty of sleep and rest. Before games, I perform with Petra several rituals for Patrik's good luck. Looks like it works. Patrik is amazing on ice. He pulls the Devils from one victory to another and gets points in every game. In our free time, we take long nature walks with Devonte, enjoy the snow and watch Czech Christmas movies. We have wonderful time together and wish that these happy days and Patrik's great form will last as long as possible. Merry Christmas!

West Orange, Pavlina Drtinova

31. december 2014New Jersey Devils vs. Detroit Red Wings 1:3.

30. december 2014New Jersey Devils vs. Pittsburgh Penguins 3:1.

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